I aim to protect your health and safety from the hazards of unsafe oil drilling and fracking.

I work for the California Department of Justice, protecting our State’s natural resources and suing oil companies when they violate our environmental laws. We must protect residents from the dangers of the Inglewood Oil Field–the largest urban oil field in the US.

I will work to make housing and social services more accessible for all.

Experienced Leadership: I bring experienced leadership as the Chair of Culver City’s Committee on Homelessness. In this role, I’ve helped to develop programs to prevent homelessness for Culver City families, move people from our local streets into supportive housing, keep seniors in their homes, and further maintain our diverse and vibrant community.

I will advocate for better public transportation options to lessen traffic congestion and help the environment.

Experienced Leadership: As a director of the Rancho-Higuera Neighborhood Association Board, I have seen how community members can work together with the city to solve traffic problems.

I will champion the needs of Culver City’s kids to make our community an even better place to raise a family.

Experienced Leadership:  I’ve been a proud Culver City homeowner for nearly 13 years and am raising two children who attend CCUSD schools.

I will promote a more democratic, responsive, and transparent government.

Experienced Leadership: I believe that government works best for people when it is more democratic and fair. By leading the campaign in opposition to Culver City Measure CA, I ensured that oversight of our police and fire chiefs remains in the hands of our elected City Council, rather than an unelected bureaucrat who does not have to answer to you.

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